LEV Service and Spares

COSHH / LEV Testing Service / Inspection of LEV Plant

Under C.O.S.H.H. Regulation 2002 it is mandatory that LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) systems are tested within every 14 months to verify maintained efficiency. To enable you to ensure a safe working environment, Air Movement Systems are qualified with P601 to offer a full C.O.S.H.H. assessment of all LEV systems as well as a dust monitoring service.

We also offer a regular periodic maintenance service on all types of dust extraction equipment, which we recommend is carried out on a six monthly basis.

Examination, Testing of LEV Systems & Monitoring Exposure

A well developed maintenance and testing program is critical to your ventilation and dust collection systems. Air Movement Systems offers periodic maintenance inspections on all types of air pollution control and dust collection equipment.


Our inspections identify the current physical and operating condition of your system together with a report, and detailed action plan should it be required, to restore the system to maximum operating efficiency, we recommend this at your 6th month.

  1. Mechanical condition of dust collector
  2. Differential pressure over filters
  3. Condition of filters, ductwork and hoods


Our personnel are qualified with P601 and the LEV (COSHH) testing fully complies with regulation 9 (COSHH) regulations 2002, we carry out a full examination and test of your system complete with full report this is required at your 12–14th month.

  1. Mechanical condition of dust collector
  2. Differential pressure over filters
  3. Condition of filters, ductwork and hoods


Our hazardous substance exposure monitoring complies with regulation 10 (COSHH) regulations 2002 we monitor exposure to hazardous substances complete with full report.

  1. Gravimetric pump
  2. Laser Monitor
  3. Gas Pump


In addition to our inspection services, Air Movement Systems can provide the necessary maintenance work using skilled employees who work exclusively in the air pollution control field. Our knowledge of the equipment and work environment provides an efficient, cost effective alternative to using in-house maintenance personnel. Services include:

  1. Filter bag changes
  2. Filter plant rebuilds and refurbishment
  3. Pulse-Jet and shaker repairs
  4. Trouble shooting
  5. Ductwork and hooding improvements or repairs

Replacement Parts

Air Movement Systems can supply replacement parts, for every component of your air pollution and dust collection equipment, including:

  1. Filter bags & cartridges
  2. Cages
  3. Pulse & solenoid valves
  4. Pulse timer boards
  5. Control panels & Instrumentation
filter bags

Filter Bags

replacement filters

Replacement Filters

P601 & P602 Glossary

AMS has extensive experience in the design, installation, commissioning and examining every kind of LEV system. Our engineers have achieved the following BOHS (British Occupational Hygiene Society) certificates:

P601 Proficiency Certificate No 290509/007:
Proficiency Certificate in Initial Appraisal and Thorough Examination and Testing of Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems.

P602 Proficiency Certificate No 200309/006:
Proficiency Certificate in Basic Design Principles of Local Exhaust Ventilation systems.

Further information please see the Health & Safety Executive website:

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