Welcome to Air Movement Systems Ltd

Air Movement Systems provide professional expertise in Air Handling Systems focused on Dust, Fume and Trim plant.

Our services offer the complete design and installation of new equipment and modification / upgrade of existing systems to comply to BOHS P601 & P602 standards and current LEV, COSHH ATEX & DSEAR legislation.

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We offer:

  1. Turn Key Solutions
  2. Projecting
  3. Dust, Fume & Trim Extraction Systems
  4. New plant supply
  5. Installation
  6. Modifications
  7. Relocations
  8. Ductwork Supply
  9. LEV testing
  10. Spare Parts
  11. Servicing
  12. Commissioning

Serving all areas of industry including; Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Wood, Schools, Colleges, Automotive, and Rail plant. Working with companies ranging from small workshops, through to large multi-national blue chip clients.

Why Choose AMS :

Many industrial operations and processing activities generate dust and fume. These need controlling to protect people and equipment and to reclaim valuable product. With so many different applications, it pays to choose the right supplier. Air Movement Systems has more than 40 years experience within the Dust Fume and Trim Handling Industry offering total solutions and peace of mind.

Air Movement Systems provide professional Air handling services focused on Dust and Fume handling equipment and installations together with effective and efficient Unit and Ducting system up grades.

We can offer a single source approach that assures one point of responsibility for small and medium sized projects. We do not have large central services or administration costs to support therefore we can control overheads to offer excellent commercial advantages with effective project engineering.

Air Movement Systems can identify solutions and implement the best practices on time and to a budget. We continue to develop our relationships based on respect and professionalism.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.